Monday, June 8, 2009


Churrigueresque (choor-ee-guh-RESK)

Baroque; lavish; over-the-top.

Call me crazy, but I find these outfits a bit churrigueresque.

Well of course this word means "lavish" and "over the top". That's like naming your dog Sickem' and the being upset when he bites you. Or named your daughter TeenageSlut LikesIt InTheButt and being heartbroken when she becomes a porn star. I find it very doubtful that there was not a simpler spelling for this word. Was churrig already taken? Nope, I just checked churrig is totally free.

This type of word makes me think that whoever is in charge of creating words (who is in charge of making up words, by the way...can I be in charge?) got food poisoning and had to call in for a reinforcement. But then the reinforcment's grandmother died so they has to call a sub. But then the sub had to go to the vet to put it's hamster to sleep so he called a temp. But the temp attempted to kill himself the night before because he discovered that The Neverending Story was not a documentary so he had to call his cousin Louie was totally free cause Louis is a loser who never does shit. Louis dropped out of 3rd grade because it was too stressful and now he sits on the couch all day playing with himself and smoking pot from a bong shaped like Beavis and Butthead.

So thanks Louis for words like Churrigueresque, you were obviously just trying to order a churrio from a Mexican woman but you were slurring too bad from all the whipits you were doing and messed everything up. You were responsible for this piece of shit too, huh? And I have it on good authority that you also invented the word, awesome.

Also Louis, you look
ridiculous wearing a sheet as a superhero cape, and your balls are falling out of your boxer shorts. Get a grip man, you're 39 years old.
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dogimo said...

We are all in charge of creating words - one of the last true democratic processes.

Of course, it usually takes longer than a lifetime for the result to be ratified by the print-dictionary industry. But reliable indicators are: those dudes are on the way out.

JMH said...

SYNONYMS. It might take intolerable long to come up with synonyms. But absurd synonyms. Or free-association. Or word jumble. I think it would be fun for a reader and for you too.

Anonymous said...

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MEBEE said...

But HE is Churrigueresque: