Sunday, May 17, 2009



1. Having moral integrity : acting in strict regard for what is considered right or proper
2. Punctiliously exact: painstaking

The scrupulous nature of my neighbors makes it difficult to run the brothel/crackhouse buisness I am starting, out of my apartment.

People with moral integrity are so rare I think creating various synonyms for the concept is a waste of time. We only have one word for unicorn right? With that said, if anyone is so argumentative that they are considering Googling synonyms for Unicorn right now, don't bother; I just did it and the only other option is Unicamel. If you try and use Unicamel as ammunition to debunk me, you clearly don't know the difference between horses and camels. Hint: one lets you ride it and the other one spits on you.

The main issue that I have with this word is that I feel it's a wolf in sheep's clothing. It's definition is one of righteousness, proper breeding and correct social conduct, but it's eventual intention is the boy who won't hop a fence with you into a no trespassing zone because he doesn't want to get caught, the guy at the liquor store who won't let the fact that you forgot your ID slide; the friend who won't go to the park with you and swing on the swings because they just turned 30.

A scrupulous teacher will give you an F when, instead of taking a test, you pass her a note that says, "It's too beautiful outside to be taking this exam, sitting in this room is dishonest.". A scrupulous lover will tell you that it's past midnight and you both should just go to bed. And a scrupulous dog will thank you for letting it off it's lease but insist you put it back on, lest it get too excited and run away from you.

Essentially the basic component of this word is moral obedience, which is something which I'm not sure exists. Even if we try to fit into a spot which encapsulates what we think is proper and good and moral; we will slip and draw out of the lines. Something shiny will catch our eye and we will falter and trip. And upon tripping we will start to make excuses and say it feels right. It's alright that I broke this rule because that rule never fit me anyway.

Your definitions will change. Definitions about yourself and those outside the lines. Things that are so easy to judge until you trip and fall right on top on them and realize that that undefinable space you fell into suddenly feels like home.


MEBEE said...

That was a scrupulous tirade on the word.

Anonymous said...

i like your blog, i found it when i was trying to find a clearer definition of a word of the day and you got me laughng. now i'm reading it everyday. but you don"t post everyday???

anyway thanks for htis post, i kinda needed it!