Friday, May 8, 2009



1. Of or related to dreams; Dreamy

It's not me it's you; I'm oneiric, high spirited and clever where as you are a drug addict who abuses animals.

According to my "research" the word oneiric is a dead word. And yes, my research consisted primarily of the picture you see above (or below if you are holding you're computer upside down, which for the record I am currently doing).

Maybe the word was driving drunk and drove into a lake while listening to Guns and Roses too loud. Maybe it fell asleep with a cigarette in it's hand, burning the house down and killing everyone but himself; then racked with guilt and ashamed of the scar tissue that covered 90% of it's body, it filled it's pockets with heavy rocks and walked into the ocean. Or maybe it got cancer, I'm pretty sure it got cancer.

This thought makes me wonder where words go when they die. We all know cats and dogs go to animal heaven. They chase butterfly's made of T-Bone steaks and catnip around all day and sleep on pillowly clouds of Cotton candy. People who take the lords name in vain go to Hell and people who ring your doorbell incessantly at 6 am asking you to join their religion, go to Heaven. But what about words?

In my mind they go to a place very similar to earth, where words like athwart, methinks and hark sit around smoky cafes discussing Proust's: A la recherche du temps perdu and drinking port. While words like tubular and groovy just walk around in flip flops trying to get laid.

So, if it's all the same to you when I die I'd like to go to word heaven, because Jesus Fucking Christ, it's probably a lot more interesting than Hell.


MEBEE said...

that's why most people write, so they go to 'word heaven.' but i would disagree... i don't think words ever die. they're recorded somewhere... maybe they're not a part of conversational language but...

you can't read Shakespeare and say his language is dead. it's alive in his work. which lives forever.

little bunny said...

only jehovah's witnesses ring your doorbell incessantly at 6am (more like 11am, but it's all the same when you go to bed at 4am). and they dont believe in heaven, they believe in heaven on earth. which is a belinda carlisle song.

i would know, i was raised as one. and yes, this explains EVERYTHING.

Eugenia Borkowski said...

yeah little bunny, I tend to not inform myself of "facts" while writing these entries, it's an attempt to be funny by being willfully ignorant.

(But yes, it does explain ALOT).

Just kidding.