Thursday, May 14, 2009



1. Squid used as food

If you order the calamari I probably won't kiss you for a few hours.

This was the word of the day yesterday and I skipped it because this is not a food blog, everyone already knows what calamari is and frankly I think it's kind of gross.

However I re-read the origin of the word just now and found it too repulsive to not share with the masses (the masses being the five people who read my blog).

Granted I am a vegetarian, but I am a bad one. In a drunken stupor I have been known to pick pepperoni slices off of pizza and eat it. I like to pretend Top Ramen does not have chicken stock in it because I am poor and there are too many ingredients to read anyway and if you give me fifty dollars I will probably have a bite of whatever meat you're eating; unless it's steak, you'd have to pay me more. Make me an offer. Seriously, there's not much I wouldn't do for a hundred a hundred and fifty bucks.

So with that disclaimer intact I would like to inform you that the Latin origin for the word calamari is calamarium which is defined as, "Ink sack." or "Slippery sacks containing ink."



gama nyc said...

I just had to run over to an atm machine to take out a hundred and fifty bucks. I can think of many things that you would not do for that amount, but just in case, this hoary sack of black ink is trembling with anticipation.

MEBEE said...

ewwwww. Calamari. I gladly eat meat sober and even this makes me tremble. With disgust.

MEBEE said...

p.s. This is the 13th posting! I think champagne is in order.

Eugenia Borkowski said...

ew chang. ew. I was talking about food!

MEBEE said...

though you have to give him credit for using the word 'hoary'...WE ARE ALL GETTING SO SMART